Out of the Mist

Out of the Mist is a 12 x 24 oil painting on a wood panel. It comes framed.

I associate life in the Pacific Northwest with one of its most unique birds, the Great Blue Heron. They flourish in the majestic realm where the land and shore dance in a symphony. I remember waking up on our boat anchored offshore in the San Juan islands and noticing the blue herons emerging from the early sea mist. They symbolize calmness and patience as they elegantly gaze into the waters that offer them life.

They also were a sign of good luck to Native American Fishermen who knew luck would be with them during their fishing day if they saw a blue heron.

The Blue Heron’s patience, grace, and serenity inspire me to be contemplative, to look within for a bit, and find some peace and tranquility in my life.

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