The Last Ferry Home


The Last Ferry Home

Oil on Panel, 8 x 10

$600 Available

I have always loved the ferries that serve as transportation here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. For a girl from the landlocked Midwest, the idea that you could take a boat to work or on a weekend trip was new and wonderful and exciting to me.

Life is such an unusual thing. Just the fact that we live and that we eventually die is a miracle of sorts. Or maybe, it’s just the opposite of a miracle. One thing is certain: life is unpredictable and can be confusing and hard to understand.

I remember when my Grandfather from Nebraska passed away. He had a terrible cancer that was eating up his insides. He had a successful life in the standards measured by society: a nice house, big family, successful business, and an active member in the Catholic Church. He was in the Navy during WWII and very proud of that fact. But the last time I saw him alive, he told me, “all I ever wanted to do was retire, get a little fishing boat and spend my days on the water.” He was 80 something but passed away before that happened.

Truly living life is rejecting the ideas that society espouses about the achievements of a happy, well lived life. And I do believe that if you have lived the “perfect” life and strove toward meeting the expectations that the outside world places on you, you might also leave this life with an empty hole in your soul.

This is the constant battle of this world where there are too many distractions.

I picture my soul (or God) as a person swinging on a little hammock in my heart. Life goes much better for me when I choose to sit and listen to this voice. It never tells me to conform to society, to spend my day at the mall, to watch the news on TV all day long, or to buy more for myself so I have less to give to others.

Listen to the voice in your soul. Listen to the direction that it tells you to go. And then go that way before the last ferry leaves.


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