Strolling in Paris


Strolling in Paris

16 x 20, Oil on Panel



New Series:  Walking Home

I have been searching for a way to combine my love of photography, travel and painting.

A couple of years ago, I was on a service trip in Nicaragua walking down what was honestly a filthy road filled with trash. I was having a conversation with Pedro, a minister in Leon, Nicaragua.  During that week we held craft fairs, passed out food and donated cloths, had a soccer tournament etc.  But as we were walking down this road with a local family, Pedro mentioned to me how he feels closest to God, and most fulfilled, while walking down the roads in Nicaragua and just listening and being friends with the local families.  I agreed completely.

This painting is Paris, not Nicaragua.  It was from a photo I snapped walking back to our apartment after a lovely day with friends in Paris.  Because, in the end, no matter where we were born or currently live, we are all just walking each other home.




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