Photography 101 – Mini Camp

Photography 101 Mini Camp – Take your Camera Off Automatic

February 17, 18 and 19th, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm  SOLD OUT

$185;  Minimum of 6 students; Ages 14 and over, adults welcome!


To know me is to know that I love taking photographs.  My first memories of photography are with my parent’s old polaroid that had the rotating flash bulb on top.  I remember I was only allowed to take a few photos a week because the film and flash was expensive.

In high school, I purchased my own SLR camera.  After having photos published on Associated Press, I took my earnings and bought the equipment for my first darkroom.  My love of photography continued to grow in college and beyond.

I am excited to share the basics of photography with you.  You will learn to take your camera off auto and shoot in the manual mode.  This workshop is an introduction to the core techniques that will help you get more out of your digital SLR camera. Learn to navigate the menu options of your camera and make practical adjustments in aperture, shutter speed and white balance.  We will also cover basic composition, focal points, perspective, movement and orientation.


  • Minimum age of 14
  • Digital SLR camera with a charged batter and empty memory card.
  • Laptop or other devise to download photos onto for sharing.
  • Sack lunches

We will spend the mornings in the studio going over some basics and, weather permitting, the afternoons out and about in Woodinville working on depth of field, movement and composition.




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