Teen Value Ornaments

This week the teens learned about value and made value driven ornaments.


Value Lesson

Value: Value is the amount of light reflected from the surface. Value creates depth in a picture making the object look 3 D.

We started by sketching a basic sphere and a five-value scale.  We talked about the different kinds of values such as:


Highlight: Brightest spot where the direct light hits the object.

Light: As the surface curves it gets less light and thus becomes darker.

Shadow: The side away from the light source that does not receive any direct light. It is not completely black because it does receive light from the surroundings.

Reflected light: The light that bounces off the surface the object is sitting on.

Cast Shadow: Darkest dark that gets lighter as it moves away from the object.


We then created our value ornaments with chalk pastels.


We cut them out and glued them to black paper and added finishing details with a gold sharpie and oil pastels.  They turned out beautiful.




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