Painted Papers and Zentangle Hands

For our first project of this year, (I am a little late posting this one) the Wednesday Elementary Art Class completed a two-step project of Zentangle Hands and Painted Papers.


Color Lesson and Intro to Acrylic Paint:

We completed the Background Papers for our Zentangle hands while learning about color and with a brief introduction to acrylic paint.

We talked about warm and cool colors, and how cool colors recede when you look at them and warm colors come towards you in a painting.

I also wanted them to be able to “play” with acrylic paint as we will move into using it in more directed ways as the class proceeds.

What we did after we put on our aprons:

  1. Paint on a solid color. Paint off the paper with long strokes.
  2. Add second color paint  in swirls, circles, stripes
  3. Add texture with:
  • sponges
  • clay scrapers – just one time through or lines disappear
  • rollers
  1. Splattering with white paint and added other designs.

Zentangle Hands:

The painted papers were the backgrounds for our Zentangle Hands.


I picked this project as a nice easy starter project to get them drawing and an introduction to line.  It also incorporates the PTA Reflections Contest theme “Within Reach.”

We started by talking about Zentangles as an expressive art form.

  • Use of repetitive basic drawing patterns.
  • We looked at some of the 110 Official Zentangle Patterns
  • There are more than 300 Certified Zentangle Teachers

We then talked about how our drawings can reflect the theme “Within Reach.”   We wrote down 5 things that these words mean  and then translated those things into small zentangle patterns.

We traced our own hands and we were off and drawing.

I love their creations!


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