Print Making – Elementary Art Classes

This past week, both Elementary Art Classes had fun with print making.  We took inspiration for our designs from the fall season.

The “younger” Elementary Art Class on Tuesday focused on simple one-step prints.  First they worked out the design on paper, remembering that everything prints backwards!

Then they drew the design on their blocks.


They carved the designs into the blocks.


Applied ink with a brayer.


Did a test print to see if any adjustments were needed – this is always the funnest part.  It’s like magic to see your print on paper.


Then completed their final project making three prints in different colors.


The “older” Elementary Art Class took the print making process a step further and made two-toned prints.


They started by planning their designs on paper.  The first carving was limited to the simple outlines of their project and a lighter color of ink.


After washing off the blocks, they went back a second time and carved in details.


Making sure to line up their blocks the same as the first print, they then added a second layer of generally darker color. The prints turned out amazing and challenged everyone to “think in reverse.”


These students made three cards with their fall inspired designs.


As always, after they complete the project the way I designed it, I like to give them a few minutes for “free choice” designs that they carved into the other side of the block.


This is always a favorite of the students!

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