Here I Am

International Women’s Day seems the appropriate time to share this recently finished painting of my dear sweet daughter Alyssa.


Here I Am

Oil on Wood Panel

16 x 20

I love it for it’s beauty and for it’s strength.


This is the future.

For my students, here is a little clip of the steps in the process to create this painting.  I started with a board that I painted with red gesso.  I like using the under painting for the shadows.  The red areas are where I wiped away paint or just left the board red.  I then painted in the shadows and lastly added the lights.  She wanted a black and white painting so I left it that way – but I did add some warm white/gray for the light areas and some cool white/gray for the shadow or background areas. And yes I got a little paint on myself during the process!  Appropriately, Alyssa came in while I was painting it the took the last photo of me.

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