A Walk in the Woods – Encaustic

Part of an encaustic series on the idea of “Home” inspired by my work with homeless people in Seattle. I actually took this photo near the end of an 8 mile hike in Patagonia.  My work with homeless people has me reflecting on life and how it is a walk in the woods. And how we are all just walking each other home through the woods.


10 x 10 encaustic mixed media mounted on birch panels (3/4 inch deep) incorporating original photography, wax, india ink, oil paint and pastels.

Part of the series Home is Where you Feel Loved which explores the idea of “home” and what it means to different people, culture and places.

  • A Walk in the Woods – We are all just walking each other home.
  • on 10×10 inch panel
  • $300

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One thought on “A Walk in the Woods – Encaustic

  1. These are beautiful, Jamie!

    Just got home.

    How is the leg doing? Is Luke’s collarbone healing correctly? The separation in the x-ray you sent has me very concerned.

    Love you, Dad

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