Glass Fusion Frames and Mirrors

The adult and teen class had a great time learning about glass fusion.


We learned how to cut glass and how to layer it to achieve different effects.

Glass Cutting

  • Cut on smooth side.
  • First cut is a score line – cut from one edge to the next.
  • Hold it straight up and down to make contact with glass.
  • Use running pliers to break the glass – To adjust the pliers, screw it on then back off a bit. Works best when equal amounts on both sides of the pliers. For multiple lines, start in the middle and break into halves.
  • If it doesn’t break, flip over and try on same line from the backside.

Layer glass pieces smooth side up to avoid bubbles.

Glue: Super glue burns off at 400 degrees. Glue on edges not center so it has a way to escape.

Sharpie: Black Sharpie burns off. Colors do not.

Glass Frames


For the first project, we made glass frames/mirrors.  We did this by constructing two layers and tack fusing them together and adding embellishments.

Here is a look at some of the finished projects:











Send me an email if you still need to come and pick up your glass.

Have a great weekend!







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