Elementary Art on Tuesdays – Chihuly Bowls

We kicked off our first week of art classes at Picket Fence Art Studio with the Tuesday Elementary Art Class.

We learned about Seattle’s very own Dale Chihuly. We talked about how Seattle has several glass artist including Mr. Chihuly.

He was born in Tacoma and studied at UW and cofounded the Pilchuck School of glass near Stanwood.   Mr. Chihuly studied glass blowing all over the world including at the Murano factory in Venice.

We also talked about the Chihuly Garden at the Seattle Center and we looked at photos of some of his bowls and some examples of glass bowls.

Chihuly bowl at exhibit in Seattle.

Chihuly bowls.

We then made are own Chihuly Bowls and painted them with transparent paint and then outlined them with Chihuly’s signature rim.

While painting them, we talked about warm and cool colors.

Warm and cool colors appear opposite each other in the color spectrum.

Warm colors are made with orange, red, yellow and combinations of them all. As the name indicates, they tend to make you think of sunlight and heat. Warm colors look as though they come closer because they have longer visual wavelengths. Red emits the longest visual wavelength of all.
Cool colors such as blue, green and light purple have the ability to calm and soothe and look as though they recede into the background. The color with the shortest visual wavelength of all is violet.

Each student was then encouraged to make their own bowls using their own unique styles and the creativity really got flowing.  We ended the session making stands for our bowls.

As a reminder $25 for tuition for October is due. You can make checks out to Picket Fence Art or Jamie Eppenauer.

Thanks for sharing your student with me!  It was a great start.

Elementary Art Chihuly Bowls

JLEL9224 Elementary Art Chihuly Bowls

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